When you don’t want to be *too* good if it ain’t your job.

I’m about to tell you how you know you’ve reached hardcore #adulthood.

Have you ever stopped in the middle of singing along to a song (or maybe heard a recording of yourself) and said to yourself, damn, that sounded really good!?

But you’re a smart biscuit, and you recognize that it’s impossible to really hear yourself objectively if you’re not a trained singer, right? So next time you’re with some friends in the car, you not-at-all casually bust out some octaves to the newest Yonce, and they tell you, “Damn, girl, I didn’t know you could blow like that? You should’ve been a singer!”

And you’re shocked to find that, instead of being flattered, you’re mad as hell to hear it because why didn’t you become a singer? Or damn, at least an Instagram model who sings on the side? How did you not see the digital revolution coming and use it to your advantage when you had the chance? You’re actually kind of pissed at yourself, because singer – even ‘aspiring’ singer – sounds about 800x better than anything you’ve done professionally in the past ‘ever’ years.

For a brief second, you think, “well, I can still do it,” albeit weakly. That thought passes just as soon as the next over-sexed, under-cerebrated Top 40 pop song comes on, and you realize it’s being sung by a 17yr. old.

That bitterness you feel? You grown now.


This is pure example – “singing” can be exchanged with lots of things you may not realize you’re talented in until it’s…well, not too late, but ‘late,’ if you get my drift.

For example: a hella talented firebreather who’s like, 7yrs my senior will DEFINITELY have me feeling some type of way about how I spent my teenage years.

It’s never too late for anything but Olympian gymnastics, though, so go for it, no matter what, when there’s something you really want to do with your life. Seriously. 


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