Today: Schedule

Thing I [act like I] Can’t Do:

  1. Organize my time.


Bullet Journals are one of the best 21st Century ideas to date: Use creativity to be organized, or organize your creativity. It’s brilliant, and you’re exercising two major skills in one go.

But y’all. Bullet journaling does not work for me.

bullet journal.jpeg

My schedule has not-so-slowly and surely begun to build back up again, and I’m struggling to keep my calendar updated. Have you ever had to have a full conversation with yourself just to remember what you committed to on the 14th of whatever-month-it-is-now?

It will drive. you. wild.

Some Background:

2015 was a good year for me, as it was the most consistently organized I’ve ever been. Up to that point, I’d always used planners, but I never stuck with them. Then, someone gifted me a softcover, black, “At-A-Glance” planner that seemed to change everything. 

After a year of consistent scheduling and note-taking, I felt the bullet journal was the perfect next step. I had proven myself, and besides, these are so much cooler! So as soon as my battered faux-leather planner was used-up, I went to Skylight Books and got a beautiful Moleskine with dotted pages.

The initial novelty of it had me hooked, and it was great – at first. But there are two problems with what I did:

1) ignored my own obvious need for structure in the name of “fun”, and

2) tried to fix something that wasn’t even broke. In fact, it was very well-functioning.

The result of my faux pas is that now, every time I want to block out space for something on any given day, I have this panicked realization that that day hasn’t been drawn out yet, or the template I’m using doesn’t help me visualize what my free-time looks like, and do I really have to sit for another 10minutes to draw this day out? I don’t even have a ruler ohmygahIwantedtobefreebutI’minchains…


Where some people’s brains seem like crystals in the Earth whose atoms naturally fall into a set pattern, mine’s lava; with organic boundaries, it’s beautiful. If I let my brain escape – remember now, it’s lava – those strong structures, however, it becomes a bit of a wasteland. It can be hard to tell, when looking at scattered of dust and rocks, that they were born of extremely powerful elements. I’m trying to harness the power of my brain, okay? Not let it atrophy.

Clearly, bullet journals work much better for those with less chaotic (and dramatic) minds than mine. Hopefully, if Future Me decides she needs some more art in her life, she’ll just use an established planner to pencil in an hour of crafts or writing. Current Me, however, is shopping for planners online until bedtime.

Peace and Lava


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