Weekend Wrap-up: Fearlessness and Feathers

This week was all about coming to terms with vulnerability, trusting myself, not worrying about what others think, and doing the things I love.

Yes, this is absolutely cliché as hell. But it’s also #facts.

This weekend brought all the lessons of the past week into one big final, which I aced with flying colors (and sequins).

(and feathers.)

Most folks don’t seem to know this (evidenced by all the snapchat videos of people exclaiming with some variation of “what the hell is going on?!?!”), but Hollywood has its own Carnival parade every June.  The Latin-American, Caribbean, and – this year, anyway – Bulgarian(!) communities come out and show out.



Full disclosure: I am not Brazilian – but my crew for the day was. I just happened to get the most Brazil-heavy costume pieces. *cry-laughs in Awkward*

I’ve been taking Samba classes for the past month with an amazing instructor and founder of Sambarinas Dance Company,  Irani. My class joined Batala Los Angeles, an Afro-Brazilian drum group, to celebrate from Hollywood/Vermont to Hollywood/Highland.

In doing so, I:
  1. Didn’t give a f*** how much of a Newb I am at Samba, and just had a good time
  2. Didn’t compare my anything to anyone else’s
  3. Allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to use this as a learning opportunity
  5. Did things I love (dressed up, danced, charmed some strangers, surrounded myself with brothers, sisters, and the cultures of the African Diaspora)

Not to mention, learning Samba has been on my list for a while. What better way to perfect a craft than to do it for a solid three miles while always being on the verge of embarrassing yourself?

There is no better way.  Or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself.


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