Day Four.

Thing I can’t do:

  1. Stay busy and motivated on days off.


It’s a bit morbid, the fact that I’ve always expected to drop into a depression – a “sunken place,” if you will –  as soon as I was free of the demands of either an employer or an academic course load. Call it low expectations, call it being a 20-something mess; it doesn’t really matter what you call it, because today I blew that expectation out of the park!


day four.jpg
Dis me. Well, except with much darker hands. And not online shopping….okay dis ain’t me.


How I’m Spending Day Four:

So far, I:

  • Woke up early (boom).
  • Took public transportation to meet up with a friend and got there early (never happens. boom).
  • Interviewed said friend, who is an artist, for a website I’m working on. Got 1.5hrs of recorded material and pages of notes (bam).
  • Did some more research on the organization I have a phone interview with tomorrow (girl, WHAT?!).
  • Did a little exploring of North Hollywood and SFV (phew).
  • And I’m writing this, now. Clearly.
  • And it’s only 6pm.

Not to mention my eyebrows are filledt and my lips are stickedt. Girl. It’s a good day.

Today, it felt like every time I did something right, I did the next thing even better. I’m really excited to write up the interview I had earlier – it’s the first time in a while that I’ve had a task to do that I really wanted to do for intrinsically motivated reasons. Money wasn’t a factor, and neither was outside management of my deliverables. I just like writing and speaking to people (and going to new coffee shops, where my buddy and I had our interview), and that in itself is enough to keep me looking forward to the next thing.

Not to mention yesterday’s lesson of “f*** what everybody else is doing” seems to have carried over into today.

It’s dope. Like, really dope.




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  1. This post makes me so happy!


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