Day One.

Thing I can’t do:

  1. Remember who I am, and what I like, and what makes me great.
  2. Live.

Jobless (see: A Bum) for the first time since I was 18.

Wild, how similar this feels to leaving a romantic relationship. You know, when you spend a year with someone who you just aren’t happy with because you’re not quite sure how to end it, or what it’ll feel like to be alone after such a long time?

I’m at the stage where the relationship is over, and while I know there’s relief and happiness simmering somewhere inside of me, I can’t help but focus on the broken pride and self-doubt that comes with a break-up. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. That whole deal.

How I’m spending Day One, of Week One, of being unemployed:

Driving through all those areas of LA that I spent all day at work wishing I could explore. Currently in Larchmont Village, typing this, trying not to think to hard about my next “move,” and just live.  Today, my priority is “living,” as well as reconnecting with those passionate, driven parts of myself that I’ve been stuffing down my own throat for the past 330 days.

And doing laundry.

And throwing away ALL my work shirts.


(Actually, I already threw away the work shirts. With vigor –  and I do feel better ;-))




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